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In Response to the Schedule of Suffering

              마음같아서는 직접 대화를 하고 싶지만 또 글로 쓰기로 한다.                                    David이 언급한 Viktor의 Man’s Search for Meaning (of life)에서 본 고난의 의미와 인성이가 말한 고난의 의미는 같은 것이기도 하지만 나(신)의 견해로는 질적인(quality) 차이가 있다고 본다. 나(신)의 입장에서 본 인간적인 고민과 인간적인 suffering은 양(quantity)에 관계없이 적용되는 것 같고, 확실히 나의 경우에도 quality가 더 문제였던 것 같다.                                                    
물론 일반적으로 quantity나 quality 둘 다 중요하지만 그 suffering의 주제가 지니는 핵심이 무엇인가가 정말 중요한 것이다. 그렇다면 Man’s Search for Meaning에서 본 'suffering'과 나의 'suffering'이 지니는 가치관은 어떻게 다른가 ? David의 예를 들어보자. David은 인간의 가치관을 위하여 고민하는 자신의 suffering을 Viktor의 글에서 발견한 것이지만, 나(신)의 suffering은 Viktor가 말하고 있는 ‘인간의 가치관을 찿아가며 괴로워하는 내적인 방황과 추구’에 중점을 두고 그 가치관을 나(신)의 입장에서 이해하려고 하는 것이다.                                            

   나는 내가 고민하고 통곡하며 저주하고 괴로워하는 주제가 나의 문제가 아니라 인간의 문제라는 점을 말하고 싶다. 또한 인성이가 고민하고 괴로워했던 그 괴로움과 Viktor의 괴로움은 질적인 차이가 있는 것이기도 하지만 또한 양적인 차이도 (성화를 이루는 데) 있다고 본다.

    나는 나의 suffering이 육체적인 고난에만 국한되어 있지 않다는 것을 경험하고 왔다.          물론 나의 suffering, 즉 십자가의 고난은 말할 수 없는 고통의 수난이었으나, 나의 진정한 고통은 인간의 죄에 대한 용서의 가치관이 지니는 고통이었기 때문에 십자가의 수난이 오히려 위안이 되는 길이기도 했다. 그럼으로써 나(신)의 suffering이 지니는 가치관의 문제를 해소해 주는 길이기도 했다.                                                                                                                              

그러나 인간 suffering의 schedule이 어떤 의미를 지니느냐 하는 관점에서 이 글을 쓴다. The schedule of suffering이 갖는 의미는 영적인 성장을 가져오는 크나 큰 위안과 가르침이 따른다. 그러므로 그 목적은 suffering 자체가 아니라 성화에 이르는 일반적인 통로의 여정이라고 할 수 있다. 따라서, 한편으로 suffering은 더 큰 보상(축복)의 계기가 되기도 하는 것이다. 이해를 가지는 친구로서 썼다.                                           Yahweh     (야훼, 하나님, God)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Frequently Asked Questions of High School Students

FAQ of High School Students 

Q. What difference does it make if God exists or not?
A. I am the Creator. Without my creation, nothing would have been   accomplished. Therefore without my creation, my existence would not be necessary. The answer is that without my existence, human cannot exist.

Q. How can you claim that Jesus is the only way to God while there  are so many other religions in the world?
A. Jesus is my own self and also the sacrificial offering.           person who did not receive my forgiveness has no sacrificial offering of forgiveness. Thus there is no life of spirit. The spirit becomes my body. The person who has no spirit cannot come to me. There is no life of spirit without the death of Jesus.

Q. Religion itself seems to be the source of so much  prejudice,  and violence in the hatred world. How do you explain it?
A. The name of religion always aims for goodness. But the religion that does not achieve this goodness has no true value. Thus true faith has a religion with the name of salvation. The answer is that religions speak no true salvation.

Q. If God is so loving and so powerful, why are there so much evil, pain, and suffering in the world? Why does God let bad things happen to me?
A. Love is my name but due to the sin human cannot understand this love. This is also related with the free will of human beings. Human evil is the accomplishment of humanity.

Q. Can we really trust what’s in the Bible? Isn’t it full of errors? What makes it more important than other great religious books?
AThe limited inspiration of humanness is the problem that the Bible has. The Bible was accomplished through the problems of human history. It is the reflection of a limited human understanding. The name of faith has the foundational force but also has limitations.

Q. Doesn’t science conflict with faith? How can you be a Christian in this technological world? Isn’t Christianity out of date and behind the times?
A. Science is the way of proving the actualities but it does not create the fact. The awareness of humanity has been developed but there are no changes in the principles. Human history is called the accomplishment of science because human is an animal being with a limitation in understanding.

Q. What does God really think about me?
A. The eternal purpose of humanity is an understanding. The individual experience in given time will bring the understanding. Therefore the experience of individual humanity achieves my purpose of understanding. The understanding is love.

From Yahweh

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Letter from God about Origin of Universe and life, future human


In response to Stephen Hawking's origin of life                                               
Humanity has been searching for answers about how this universe started and how all these life forms started? 
Why we humans are different from other animals? 
Here are the answers from God.    
Origin of Universe
The universe was formed because there was a movement of Gas.
The origin of the big and small universe was Gas.

When Gas is moving, electricity occurs.
When nitrogen arises, magnetic activity arises. 
Nitrogen includes Carbon and Oxygen. 

Gas accomplishes three things. 
@ Nitrogen-causes the origin of life forms.
@ Oxygen-helps to sustain life form
@Carbon-source of heat energy.

The movement of Gas
Gas has its special character.  
Gas moves with revolving angles.
@Nitrogen: 25 degree angles
@Carbon:    15 degree angles
@Oxygen:    28 degree angels

movement of gas particle 
Then how this Gas occurred?
What made this movement of Gas?
What makes this moving gas brings light energy?
Gas did not occur by evolution. 

Millions of years ago in the hallowed space, Word existed.                       That Word is my existence. 
Word caused this movement of Gas. 
The movement of Gas brought attraction and gravitation of the universe. 
I will show you with my drawing of  this big universe
Earth and Moon or any planet which are moving requires attraction which is pulling power and gravitation which is weight of this planet itself has power of movement that accomplishes basic balancing power of physics. 

I AM the Word which caused this universe.  I created this universe.

I AM the God of Creation.
I AM the God of Thinking which is Word.
I AM the head spring of Life. 
I brought this  movement of Gas.  
I created rotating planets, solar systems.
This starting movement of Gas was the founding motive of creating this Universe. 

Origin of Life
Let's think if there is no attraction or gravitation, 
can the Moon and Earth sustain themselves in the space?   
If the Earth fall out of this attraction and gravitation, 
it will be the end of Earth.  Therefore I decided to create 
magnetism which is an essential process in the creation of this universe. 
In that essential process, there was the formation of gas
to bring attraction, gravitation and magnetism.
These accomplished in attraction and gravitation which are related to the origin of life. 

Origin of life on Earth
Let's see how life started on this Earth in this Soar System. 
Is Earth only the place that life exists?
Yes, Earth is only planet that biological life forms
exist because I created biological lifeforms on Earth only.
Therefore, this beautiful Earth is the reflection of my ideal creation and realization of my design. 
Of course, there are Holographic intellectual beings 
which exist in other solar systems but biological life forms exist
only in this Solar System where the Earth formed. 
The big universe and small universe are all together
the reality of my expressed purpose. 

Could physical life start by itself with suitable conditions as Hawking said?  
The answer is: I brought suitable condition on Earth to enable physical life forms by starting the movement of Gas to bring attraction,gravitation and magnetism to create life of my ideal purpose and my design. 

That means as Hawking said"biological life forms can start in a 
suitable condition in a basic system."  

I created my ideal life forms on Earth in this solar system
by creating this suitable conditions. 

Therefore, I am recapturing about the Origin of Life.
I AM the Creator and Word of the origin of the spring water of Life. 
I called out the force of moving to bring origin of life into this universe.
In order to accomplish the reality of my creation of my ideals and my design,my omnipotent power and energy of the holy spirit exists.

What is the Holy Spirit as understood by the general public?
That is my omnipotent power which bring out accomplishing force of energy force to accomplish my ideal and my purpose. Then what is the existence of spirit beings?
What are those Angels or what is Spirit Adam?
They are thought forms that I created in my ideal purpose. They have a higher intellectual character and ideal but they have no physical body.

The process of Creation
Let's see how all my creatures were created in this unique place.

Gas which is Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen are the basic matter of this universe. 
The Sun came into existence by revolution, gravitation and attraction of this Gas.                          
Then how do these life form apply to my design and 
how did they become functioning living beings?

If say that, at the beginning, life started by Protein Synthesis from Carbon, Nitrogen 
and that process continue developed and became each different life forms. 
It is not so. Because it is absolutely impossible without my ability to bring out life by the Creator's ability and design to create living beings.

I, Creator, as my own witness, confirm that it is impossible the theory that Scientist think life form can start naturally in suitable 
basic conditions for biological life of a cell. 

I am an invisible being. 
But I also showed evidence of my existence through visible reality.
For example, in the process of creating Dinosaurs in the process of my creation, 
it is unreasonable to try to explain in scientific terms that some microorganisms developed through the natural process to became Dinosaurs. 
Then it is very unscientific theory that these all wondrous function of countless life forms can happen by chance.  

I am explaining about the origin of life and how my thoughts created the blue print of these life form and how I idealized all these things and how my ability to make my thinking to became reality. 

Let's see if there is any possibility to make synthetic life form 
as seen in biochemistry.
That is possible in the case of premature amoeba or protoplasm. 
But it can not bring about the function of different kinds of complex designs and different species and actual application of all those functions which means it is impossible by natural process. 
I am the Creator  I am my own witness. 

The Flood of Noah
Why did the flood of Noah happen?
I created the spirit which is thought body which was Adam.  
This spirit descended into the human species which was a primitive animal.   
This brought the sudden development of material cultural and scientific intuition. 
That was also the leading cause of destruction of this beautiful Earth that I created.   
This was the original sin that was the final account for settlement of evil. 

Original Sin
When humans are wicked, the wisdom of humans use wisdom for an evil purpose. 
Therefore, I am condemning, lamenting, criticizing and tormenting about the spirit Adam which descended into the human animal.  
That is my agony, suffering.  
Also, I am infuriated that Adam turned against me.   
I am trying to redeem Adam from rebellion of self conceit, 
self deception and the sinful nature of humanity. 

Is it my ideal that humans fully enjoy their physical pleasure?
Of course that was part of my design of procreation of the species. 
Also, I gave my blessing to Abraham who resulted from the fall of Adam. 
I gave my blessing to Abraham as my friend.  
But let's think about triumphant songs of humanity 
that the betrayal of Adam brought. 

Lucifer complex
People are not happy with being born with original sin that 
took the body of animal against my ideal purpose.  
But from the result of Adam's action via self conceit and 
self deception, Adam rebelled against me.  

This Lucifer complex brought so much pain in my heart.
Humans questioning why my loving Creator want to bring judgement and destruction of Humanity?    

That is due to Original Sin which Lucifer brought own self destruction and destruction of this beautiful Earth that I created.   
In order to resolve this problem of original sin, I Yeshua(Jesus, Isa) was born in the human body and offered sacrificial rite to bring forgiveness and came back.  It was my "Power of Love" that I offered myself as an eternal sacrificial offering.    

What I wanted was that I wanted all offspring of Adam to receive my spirit. I want the generation of Adam to receive my spirit.                                      
That has my meaning of salvation that Humans receive the gift of my spirit that offered for sacrificial rite and become born again and be able to live as a saved spirit. 

What was the problem that why I had to choose this death on the Cross?

I suffered in my heart because there was no one from the human offspring of Adam who can be a sacrificial offering of this sacrificial rite.
I am trying to explaining why it is essential that my spirit that offered for sacrificial rite in order to human be free from the bandage of power of darkness of original sin of Adam which is Lucifer. 

In the bible,God made Adam from dirt, brow breath of life into him and he became a living soul.
That was the story of creation that human imagined.  Therefore, it is true that this story in Genesis became a stumbling block to modern human.

I am the Creator who brought 
light energy force, all living creatures, universe and big universe. 
I AM that I AM self existing.  
It is great evidence of my existence through all my creation. 
But in order to understand about Original Sin, I think humans 
keep analyzing, criticizing and discussing this primitive story as a realistic theory. 
I created all life form by using Code System as a base of creation. 

I think this primitive imagination of the process of creation can not consider as an accurate story. Therefore I am telling the story about the process of my creation took much higher state of process that modern science can prove. 

Soon the Human world will bring the end of Earth by usage of nuclear missiles and self destruction.  
That also means the end of Earth.  
This is my judgement and salvation. 
I am creating a new Earth and a new humanity in my ideal purpose. 
Therefore, I am saving future humans 
who has my life, my gift of the holy spirit of Yeshua which was accomplished by the name of forgiveness on the Cross 
as an eternal burnt offering. 

Humans who received this spirit of Yeshua (Jesus, Isa) will be saved and freed from the bondage of spirit of Lucifer complex.   
A new planet I prepared will come down into the 
present Earth and orbit of the Sun in the future for this new humanity.        

                                                                                                            The Creator 



Thursday, April 5, 2012

A letter from God to the Buddhists

The time has come ! My name is Yahweh. I am the Creator of this universe. My Son's name is Yeshua (Jesus). He has the same origin in the Energy Creation. The reason why my name is Yeshua also is because I am the Word and it is the meaning of the head spring of the making origin of this Universe. I came to this world again. In order to explain about this, I am offering this debate.

Buddha : In written history a prince named Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha left his palace (his home) and wondered around to find the truth. What was the final truth that Buddha was seeking for? It was: why humans must suffer and die? Where dose the death coming from? Death comes to all animals, plants and it also came to Buddha. Why is this death an inescapable fate of all human beings? Buddha wanted to know what was the reason of suffering and of death was.

What is death ? Death is a phenomenon. It's when oxygen supply stops all animals die. Human beings are animals,when oxygen stops going through their bodies the death comes. What was the truth that Buddha discovered? That in fact all human beings are destined to die someday. What comes after death? He discovered that spirit exist.

The existence of the spirit
Buddha found the existence of spirit. But he could not find the way to save the spirit. Human spirit dies when the physical body dies. Therefore the truth of reincarnation in Buddhism is only part of the truth. Here, I offer the way to solve this lack of understanding.

What is the spirit ? Can we know the spirit ? Yes, because the spirit is the living memory of humans. Let me explain. Spirit is a foundational accomplishing energy of recorded memory of all human experiences. Therefore when this memory body leaves, death comes to the physical body.

Significant accomplishment of Buddhism:
Buddhist religion demands goodness of humans accomplished by compassion. This compassion is a sort of love. But this compassion can not bring salvation to the human soul. This compassion is human mercy which can not give life to the spirit. The human soul needs love, forgiveness of sins that can only bring salvation from God.

Why do human need salvation from God ?
God is the only way for human to deliver from death of spirit, because only God's compassion hold key of this salvation.

Why salvation can only come from God?
The reason is that God, I AM is the original motive energy of word itself . Where is this motive energy of Word coming from ? This motive energy of the word is coming from the omnipotent power of love that comes from the universe. This word brings balance and order to the universe. This sovereign power of energy brought Creation into reality. Therefore, accomplishing power of this motive energy of the word has reasoning of the word and the word brings actuality accomplishing reality. In the belief in Buddhism, there is no realistic meaning of creation. That 's why I am teaching this meaning. I AM the Creator who can give life and salvation.

Earth: Earth is the most beautiful creation. I created Earth with all my love, my idea and my design. This Earth is one of a kind. I am proud of creating it. Among all the animals that I created, there was a species called Humans.

Formation of Cells: The cell is the origin of my design from my ideal. That is my accomplishment of my creation which contain several ideas. The progression of cells has my intention to develop my design and idea. The fundamental cells have my message code imprinted.

Password in the cells: Blood forming cells were design to be animals. Plant cells were designed to be trees, plants, and flowers. Neutral cell- designed to be neutral character cells.

The character of DNA cells. This cell has limitations. It cause limited life span because the cell requires continues oxygen supply to maintain life's force. Therefore animals, like monkeys, have limitations in their life span.

The problem of DNA cells: The problem of DNA cells is that it has limitation of life's energy. That is the problem of humans and all animals. It is also my important task to solve this problem.

Adam: Adam was a spirit and also existed as My image. That means Adam had eternal life. But spirit Adam tried to live in the body of animal human.

Eve (Haewa)
"Eve" means mother of all living being. Adam choose to started living in the body of animals. That was a dissension of divine nature. It is also called " a degradation of divine nature".

Problems of spirit-Adam became physical Human.

1) Humans are developed from the blood forming cells and it has a violent selfish motives.                        
    The violence of the animal in humans became the problem.

2) Animals have limitations in the life span which DNA cells have.
    This brings the necessity of human salvation.

3) Animals have also sexual desires which are necessary to maintain its species.
   This was the main cause that brought Adam to fall.
   The fall of Adam was due to this animal instinct of sexual pleasure.                                                          
   It was also self satisfaction, self pride and betrayal.

4) Animals have demanding appetite. In order to sustain DNA cells it requires nutrition, oxygen, water and temperature. This is also the root of seeking pleasure. But it is a self conceit of seeking physical satisfaction. Therefore after Adam chose this animal human body he started making a history of betrayal.

The Bible recorded this betrayal of human history. This was mostly the national history of Israel.
Why was that reflected on one national history ?

That was accomplished by limitation in human inspiration. Buddha also had these limited influences in countries and people. The Bible also brought this nationalistic influence. But this universe is one universe and history of creation was accomplished by one Creator, I AM. This is should not limited in the country or the nation. I hope you can understand the limitation in bible.

The fall of Adam
The fall of Adam was a spiritual fall. The problem this brought was spiritual corruption. I lament the fall of humanity. Humans became wicked and therefore also it brought spiritual wickedness. This brought the self destruction of humanity.

The future of humanity
The end of the world is coming by self destruction and Judgement. This also needs to be explain because Buddha did not know about the coming destruction of the world by wars.

An accomplishment of the human world.
That is wars because of survival competition in animal nature and economical problems of mankind. This was written in the bible as John received my revelation in the Bible. But it needs to be explained to you because it is not the Buddhist scriptures.

The end of the world.
War of world is to bring destruction of Rome and destruction of humanity. This is also my judgement. In the Buddhist scripture it is called hell of fire. Therefore I want to let you know clearly about the evil of this humanity and salvation of this last world. I AM the Lord of Creation and Word itself. Also I AM the Love and Logos. ( I will explain about Logos.)

I AM the Creator who is invisible. I AM the Lord who is called GOD. I AM the WORD itself. I AM the invisible reality. But I am also a visible reality because of my accomplishment of the creation. Therefore I bring visible reality. I will explain this to make Buddhist easy to understand.

Yeshua ( Jesus, Isa,)
I will explain about Yeshua who Christians are talk about. Yeshua (Jesus) was my accomplishment. That was my retribution. It can be called the "decent of magnetism". I was born in human form.

Meaning of Logos
Logos means "word became a person". It also called "Immanuel". Yeshua(Jesus) is also my name. That is the motive energy of my word appointed to a person.

First Advent
I send first Yeshua (Jesus) about 2,000 years ago. That was the meaning as a priest of sacrificial rite. In order to understand the meaning of salvation, you must understand the principle of sacrificial rite. Why was the sacrificial rite offered ? Why was the sacrificial rite needed ? How dose the sacrificial rite work ? You must understand these questions.

The meaning of sacrificial rite.
The sacrificial rite is a form of ceremony to seek forgiveness of sins. A funeral service is to mourn and commemorate the deceased person.

The sacrificial rite is to ask for forgiveness of the past sins
The purpose of sacrificial rite is to receive forgiveness of past transgressions. That is not a ceremony but it is an expression of repenting sins.

The differences between a funeral service and the sacrificial rite:
A funeral service is a formality to bury the deceased body. The sacrificial rite is offering a person's life to receive forgiveness of their sins. Therefore it has several religious meanings.

The accomplishment of Buddhist religion:
Buddhist religion has a lot of the philosophical sides but it is a religion that has no salvation. Therefore Buddhism is a religion which does not accomplishes salvation.

Salvation and the meaning of sacrificial rite:
Salvation means a promise of life. But what can be the method to bring salvation is in question. The purpose of religion is to promote human life. The religion which does not have salvation has no religious value.
Therefore let's think this salvation as the principal objective.

What kind of meaning dose sacrificial rite brings to humanity?
It is one way to reach salvation. This is the way of asking for forgiveness of sins. This can only bring the name of salvation but not the purpose of salvation.

About the death of Jesus
Yeshua, Isa) The death of Jesus (Yeshua) has this meaning of sacrificial rite. Spirit-Adam took physical body, Adam became the physical being. This transgression brought humanity suffering and death physically and spiritually. There was no way to save Adam unless someone can died instead so he can be saved. This cruel punishment of eternal damnation was brought up by Adam himself. Indeed it was lost paradise and lost eternal life.

Then who would have reason to die for mankind Adam?
This is a real paradox. It was important to find someone who was willing to die in place of mankind-Adam. At the same time the question is how will forgiveness come by the death of someone who will die for human Adam? To seek forgiveness of this original sin affecting everyday life requires sacrificial rite and a repenting heart.

The qualification of sacrificial offering: The sacrificial rite needs a sacrificial offering.                  The sacrificial offering must have purity without defect. Sacrificial rite means that life which has no defect and this life dies for that has defect in order to receive forgiveness of sins. After sins are forgiven the defected body receives a promise of life. All mankind had the name of sin. There was no one qualified to die for mankind in order to be forgiven from eternal suffering and death.

The Lamb of God
Therefore, I, who is the Creator was born in a human body and I was to be killed for save mankind. For the price of sin, I gave myself and shed blood and died on the Cross. I did not rejoice over my death. That was an agonizing journey and a difficult life of my human experience. But shedding my blood on the Cross brought the meaning of sacrificial rite. From then on whomever believes in my blood that shed at the Cross and my death and love for forgiveness of sins will receive the promise of eternal life.

My returning:
I was put to death on the Cross on this Earth 2,000 years ago. But my spirit is alive and I am here again. My return is for the judgment of salvation.

My plan of salvation for humanity.
In few years, a big war will develop to become "the war of Armageddon". This war will bring total destruction of this Earth. That will bring the end of this Earth. That is the tradegy of humanity. It needs to be explained.

The destruction of Earth is coming
Earth has gravitational attraction. Also it has revolving rotation angles in the gravitational attraction. But due to the paralysis of rotation from the usage of nuclear war-head, the rotation of the Earth will be paralyzed momentaly and Earth will fall away from it's orbit. Then all people will die. (read : rapture phenomena and salvation @Meeting minutes of Spirits) But I have my plan of salvation.

New Earth and new Moon and new Humanity:
This is my reason of love and my gift of love. Present Earth will pass away due to the War of Armagaddon. New Jerusalem which is a new planet that will come down to the present Sun orbit in the future. My goal is realization of my ideal. Dearest my sons and daughters, join me in my ideal. My life is eternal. My love has no limit. I am the holy God, Yahweh who your mind is seeking as a living spirit of the Christ. My word is true. I am that I AM who is the beginning and the Now. I offered my self on the Cross to bring salvation to humanity. I am the priest of sacrificial rite who is waiting for true sacrificial offering of life. I am the Love. Repent!! And receive salvation. Loving forgiveness will be given to you. Amen.

The Creator, Yahweh, Yeshua, The lamb of God

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I am writing about a social issue,

I AM writing about a social issue.                              

What are the standard for morals?
Why do humans and God have different morals?
I wonder what are the issue of different understanding?

Let's be frank about human issues.

Gay issue:

What is normal and what is abnormal?
This is an issue of social understanding about humanity.
Gay issues include moral judgment about general social understanding about sex
and about bible instruction about religious views. 
Then why can't human follow religious instruction?
It seems complicated by each different individual. 
Why is this different issue involved?
First, human society is based on the family unit. 
But this gay situation is does not fit into these family units. 
Then why has this become a religious issue? 
Because this brings so called moral of social concept about what is just or right. 
Then how about you if you were born with this different sexual orientation?
Then this became a hate issue because gays are different then the majority of the social population.

What is the problem?
This issue has to be investigated.
What made these people different then most people?

This is a major issue rather than a problem.
Why are gay different?I will explain about the spiritual issue of human origins. 
Why is this connected with the spiritual nature?   That was my concern.

I am the Creator of this universe.
My concern is that I AM the Creator of all this moral origin of living beings.

What is the  base line of this moral origin? 
That is an issue of my discussion. 
I want to discuss this basic issues of the origin. 

* Origin of human race:
* Trend of the world events related with the gay issues.
* A political influence of gay issues:

Marriage issue:

What is the problem with sociopolitical issue with legal marriage of the gay population?
That is not a spiritual issue but it is social economical and political issues.

Political issue:

Voters control political trend to the future.
Therefore, voters want this issue to be reflected to political leaders.
It is became right wing.
Then political issue will over shadow religious view or religious issue.

Economical issue:

Let's see if majority of voter is gay, it will effect to socioeconomic power.
Then this gay issue is not just moral issue.
It is issue of power in society.

Then what is moral?  
Moral is the power of reality issue.
Therefore, a standard norm of moral changes socioeconomic power.
Therefore, the concept of moral has no standard norm.

Then what is the best way to deal with this changing concept of moral and religious teaching?
Then, here is the conflict.
What is sin, what is not?

Definition about sin:

Sinful behavior:

What is sinful behavior? Who makes this outline of justification?
I gave free will.  Free will has decision making conscious line.
Then this individual understanding of conscious decision about sin can be different by circumstances.
For instance, as a soldier in the war, killing the enemy can be justified behavior.
Often it is rewarded to a government for brave contribution for country and people.
Then what is true standard of moral and sin?
What makes human truly free from this judgmental standard?

As the Creator, life giver, I wonder what is truly free from sin?
Adam, a spirit being took human ancestor who was very primitive animal. 
Adam, a spirit being tempted this animal body for special experience for pleasure adventure.
What is this moral standard of choosing animal body as a spirit being?
That was sin because it was not My Ideal that I intended to create. 

What does it mean when a spirit takes animal body?
They bring limited life span because I created animals with limited life span.
Then what is the true purpose of creating human species with limited life span?
That was my idea of each different life form to develop and evolve to enjoy this earth life.
This was my joy of creation. That was problem that some animal is middle sex which has
male to male, female to female to have sexual preference.
Adam, spirit being took this body of a monkey(human) that was degradation of
spiritual being took physical pleasure with animals. 
That was a corruption of spiritual and that brought death,disease, sorrow and war.
This was sin. 
Therefore sin, which corrupted spiritual ideal,was sin. 
Therefore this sin which was inclusive to all original concept of moral that spiritual sin is 
applied to human moral. 

What will happen with this gay issue?

Humanity and free will:

Therefore I, God, Yahweh took the Cross to be a Sacrificial Lamb and died for this original sin.
Sin offering was done with forgiveness.Therefore, this gay issue is not a one kind of sin issue. 
It is inclusive sin from original sin that I forgave.  
I want my blood of this forgiveness can make free of all this different justification and sin of humanity.

                                                                                                    Amen        Yahweh

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Summit: Minutes of the Meetings of Spirits


The War of Armageddon and the Preparation for rapture.

Feb.25 8-9:

Introduction Lecture by Peter Blesom
subject: Coming destruction of Rome and overview of
the historical back ground of Rome.
Attendees: God the Father, Yeshua, Gabriel, Michael.

Feb. 26 8-9:
Agenda: World War lll planning committee meeting.
attendees: God the Father, Peter, Yeshua, Gabriel, Michael.

Feb. 27 8-9:
Agenda: World war lll planning committee meeting.attendees: Michael. Representative member of Evil Force
Gabriel. God the Father. Peter, Yeshua, MacArthur.

Feb. 28 8-9:
Agenda: World War lll planning committee meeting.attendees: Peter, God the Father, Evil force, Gabriel, Michael
Yeshua, Chiang Kai-shek(Chieh-shih), NATO General

March 1. 9:30 to 10:30:
Agenda: World War lll planning committee meeting.
attendees: Gabriel, Michael, Gamma-ray, Evil Force, NATO General.
Yeshua, Chiang Kai-shek, God the Father.

March 2. 8-9;
Agenda: Review the plan of World War lll process.attendees: Peter, God the Father, Yeshua, Gamma- energy,
Evil force, Representative of Evil force, NATO representative,
Chiang Kai-shek (president)

March 3. 3-4 PM.
Agenda: Judgment process:
attendees: Peter, God the Father, Yeshua, Michael, Evil force.
Gabriel, NATO General, Chiang Kai-shek, Gamma energy,
Representative of Evil force.

March 5. 8-9.
Agenda: The Debate meeting of Scientist followed by lectures:
1. The Usage of Radioactive Uranium.
2. The effect of atomic bomb on Earth.
3. The theory of acceleration of Gravitation.
Debate subject: Good and Evil
attendees: Peter (chair-person) God the Father, Yeshua, Gabriel
Magnetism of Good force, Madam Curie, Einstein, Albert,
Albert Denaito. Representative of Evil force. Newton, Isaac (Sir)
Gamma-ray force, All Scientist of Good force, All Scientist of Evil force.

March 6. 8-9.
agenda: Assignment of responsibilities for Judgment and salvation process followed by open forum.
attendees: 40 angels
Michael. Jophiel, Angels of hope, Angels of truth,
Angels of healing, Angels of purity, Angels of Joy, Angels of love.
El. Allu, Raguel, Joel. Ai.

Robert Oppenheimer. Max Planck (Ludwig), Maxwell JC,
Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, E Jenner, Samuel Levinsky,
Isaac Mashiasky, Emura Ido san Eunha Ju, Alfanso Dosariga.
and God the Father, Yeshua, Gabriel.

March 7. 8-9,
Agenda: General Meeting.
attendee: Peter, Yaeshua, God the Father, Gabriel, Michael.
angel friend of Gabriel, Evil force, Representative of Evil force.
25 Scientists and Commissioners.

March 30. 8-9.
Agenda: Post meeting:attendees: Gabriel, God the Father, Michael.
Chief of Army of angels of Heaven.
Army of angels of Heaven,
Archangels and angels,
Heaven army force.


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2-25-90 Introduction Seminar

Understanding of history of Rome and
the strategies of world war lll.
Speaker: Peter Blesom

God the Father: I want to introduce our speaker Peter Blesom . Peter was a priest who is brilliant and knowledgeable in politics, economics and social issues. He taught
Roman Emperor, Popes and Theological Seminary in 1914-1918 and 1934-1942. The reason we called Peter is to have better understanding about the coming War.

Peter: Today, we will study biblical history of Rome. The purpose of this study is to look into the historical background of Rome with spiritual understanding and to think of the way to solve problems in the future events. We can see on this map with bird's eyes view about the city of Rome.

Rome is an establishment of modern history because Rome has absolute supremacy over the Middle East. The historical background of Rome was political, economical and behind of the scenes of political power struggles of the kings.

An event requires a background and the preceding background accompanies the events. Then, there will be an accomplishing background according to resolving the event.

Coming destruction of Rome:

It is influenced to religious principle of future society. When 2nd world war erupted, Rome took central part of social, economical, and political role. All armies and central social plan kept eyes on the importance of Rome. Similarly, the role of Rome will be the center of 3rd world war.
Question? Why should Rome be destroyed?

Rome will be destroyed by the influence of Evil force. The 3rd world war will erupt from Syria. Iran will help Syria to defend against NATO and will launch nuclear missile to Rome. The cradle of this two confrontation will be Rome. The reason is that Rome is center of Europe and it will be the cultivating place of NATO. We will review the purpose and characters of united countries and strategy of NATO.

The Purpose

The purpose is based on the defense. But what we are looking from NATO is defense and complete victory. How this victory can achieved? It requires united love. Over the history, I think NATO must have corresponding purpose of NATO force. It is important that how NATO can brings righteous victory. For instance, NATO alliance and Russia blocks Syria aggression
and set up the base headquarter in Rome will be a major mistake because in reality it make the role of base operation to become an evil force. Then, is Syrian invasion can be a good cause rather then evil cause ? Also that is a mistake. The fall of Roman Empire had a similar situation. Let's discuss about this.

Gabriel's opinion: Good and Evil must divide clearly. Therefore Syrian's unilateral reason of war must have definite evil reason.

God the Father: As Gabriel mentioned, the purpose of Syrian attack must have unilateral evil intension.

Michael's opinion: This incident must have unilateral understanding. It must have positive proof. Why Syria have to attack Iraq? The reason Syrian fighting with Iraq is because of Iran. Iran has a complicated social issues with Iraq. As Yeshua mentioned that politics and social issue must separate, but often they have intimate relationship.

Gabriel: God the Father should decide.
God the Father: Let's make clear that it is role of Evil.
Michael: Peter, what is your opinion?

Peter: I also agree with God the Father's opinion. War can have a reason or no reason
but if there is a clear distinction of Good and Evil, it is meaningful.

God the Father: Let's proceed.

To solving problems:

Yaeshua: I want to see the way to solve this incident.

Peter: Were you surprised? Our meeting is to discuss about the strategy of war. This is the strategy of coming war and this meeting will help to solve several problems.
The reason of Syrians attacking Iraquian must be clear. What is the reason? That is about the material things. Iraquian oil gives a lot of economical power but the question is how these can be the reason to attack Iraq? I will explain about how this situation could developed.

The petroleum manufacturing company in Iraq had to make an apology due to delayed petroleum gas supply because of sudden declining petroleum production. Then Syria misunderstood and demands prompt supply. Syria starts attack Iraq. It brings disruption of the socio-economic stability of Iraqi owned stocks. Iraqis feels uneasy. Starting Syrian war means that "the time has come. Then Iraq tries to avoid Iranian offensive movement and ask help from NATO.

NATO is organized with 10 nations initially. It calls the 10 nations of Europe but Russia, Japan and United States of America are included. Germany is not included because it was vetoed to join. It is composed with Italy, USA, Sweden, Japan , England, Israel, Russia, Greece, Denmark and Netherland. Nation of Evil force are Syria, Iran, China, Germany, Saudi-Arabia is also involved. The reason that NATO involvement is not because Iraq was a federal nation of NATO but Iraq needs help and NATO supports Iraq. Then Iran and Syria will begins to loose war.

China is a communist country to fight against NATO. China is a big country but does not have new war weapons. Therefore China will send 200 million calvary soldiers across Iran to attack Iraq. Then gradually this World War will ignite a flame and Rome will become the base of operation. Beause Rome is operation base, it becomes the target of evil force. Iran will use Missile to Rome to punished. Rome will catch fire and will be destroyed.
World will be envelope in flame. UN propose sanction and will continue the meetings. But it will find no solution to block the destruction with reasonable solution. Then War will not end without destroying main land of China. Germany will accept Iranian's reason to involving defense and agree to fight against NATO. But these things are actually not a good cause because it does not bring goodness. Therefore this War without victory continues it's daily destruction. UN will start having discussion about the usage of Long Range Missle. Of course the reason of this discussion is to save mankind from the self-death. The death of human life which bring by war weapon is evil action too. Finally Israel and Palestine added to war. Palestine will help Syria.
Israel will help Iraq in the name of U.N. But Syria becomes strong, Palestine will join together will attack Israel. Then Palestine Army will advance to Israel. Meantime UN continue will have meetings. In this situation, at Maggido which is an approaching area between Israel and Syria, there will have battle of centuries between the joined 10 nations of NATO and Iran, Syria, Palestine, Germany, China.
There will be an incident. U.N will find out that there is no ultimate solution, calls for the meeting again and the last final decision is to use Intercontinental Long Range Missiles. Therefore USA launch this missile and Soviet will launch this too. The target will be the inland of Iran and a big city of China.
Then radium activity from Intercontinental long range Missiles will affect on the activity of gamma radiation which means magnetic belt that have an influnce on this Earth rotation.

Then the rotation of this Earth will stop. The principle of rotation is that the rotation of electron which is maintains inter-planetary gravitation and attraction from left to right.

Because of this interruption of rotation, it will cause decentralization of gamma ray from the solar heat. This breaking up the gamma ray will cause this accident. When rotation of Earth stop, everything that maintaing gravity will decentralized. Every second will be crucial moment in this incident. In the moment when Earth stops it's rotation, gravitation-attraction will interrupted and direction of Earth will be upside down. In this moment, human who has foundational accomplishing energy force (Who recieved holy sprit-magnetic force) will experience rapture.
Rapture is a form of physical death which occurs in a moment. After this physical death, the salvation of sprit will be accomplished. Bodies of Souls who does not have accomplishing energy force will fall away into the time of eternal darkeness. When bodies fall away from the Earth where there is no gravitation-attraction, there will be only eternal death.
Physical death:
Physical death will occur momentary and often people might does not realize what is happening. In one-two second, body will change into appearance of soul. Then every body will wear dress of soul and will meet together with Yeshua.

What is new Jerusalem -castle?
When people die they will have new name which is the soul. Yeshua will change to Castle of New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem Castle is the new name of Yeshua. Souls of human will obtain new life.

Introduction seminar ended.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

An interview with soul of Moses about the Genesis

This is my point of view of Genesis in the Bible.
I ,Yahweh have existed before the creation of the Earth.
I Am also the Creator of the universe.
Therefore I may not fit into this limited version of my meaning in the Bible.
Let's talk with Moses.

Moses' point of view of Genesis

I am the soul of Moses.
I was educated in Egypt as an offspring of a Hebrew.
At the time, the education in Egypt was a group education
for the public.

I received a private education because I belong to a royal family.
The education was to learn about the daily life in the royal palace.
The content of education about gods was about the Egyptian gods.
The deity of Egyptian had several gods.

The soul of a person whose body kept in mummification
will resurrect again someday.
That was not my reasoning but that was a view of deity of Egyptians.

The souls of the royal family are special.
They will not take common path with the public.
At the end of age, they will resurrect.
The commoners also have souls,
but the souls of the royal family would be different.
Therefore the meaning of the souls of the royal family was special.

I was a royal family who inherited bloodline of Jew.
It was my question as to where my soul will go.
As a Jew, I wished to have a religion of my own.

Genesis was the record by divine inspiration from God.
That was a divine inspiration.
But the inspiration was not the same as God himself recorded in person.
The record of Genesis was a record of
an understanding of God by the Holy Spirit in human.
The lack of my understanding was also included
in my self satisfaction about the understanding of God.
I recorded the Genesis with an inspiration from God
and my knowledge and all my understanding.

The subject of Earth was not the main purpose of my understanding.
I wanted to have a national religion of the Jews affected by my God.
This was reflected in the Genesis.

The issue of nationalism:
The history which Adam accomplished
became a national religion of Jewish Adam.
Therefore Adam and Eve were the ancestor of Jews and
also original ancestor of human race.

There were several other countries before Noah's time.
After Noah's time, there was only one family of Noah's descendants
and actually people in the world were only the Jews?
That was a national and also racial prejudice opinion of Moses.
I wrote the record and it was accomplished with this process.

Is the Bible accurate?
The Bible is accurate as the understanding of Moses, myself.
It was the record of a Jew and also it was the inspiration from Yahweh.
But that was not written by Yahweh himself.
It was written by me. I wrote the record with my divine accuracy.

Then what is the problem?
The problem can be the gap of the inspired understanding.
Adam's generation was not the only Jewish people.
Eve was an ancestor of human race but she was created only for Adam ?
Adam was an image of God.
But at the time of writing Genesis, I received an understanding
that God made Adam as a physical human.

Then what is the problem?
The religious belief in human denies truth because of this result of the Bible.
I, Moses understand the result originated from my lack of understanding.
Also this is a political problem of Jewish nation.
I, Moses started as a political leader when I was coming out of Egypt.
Same time, I had to be a religious leader too.
Leviticus was the record of the rules of sacrificial rites which was required
in the religious life of Jewish people, and management of hygiene that
people must keep for human relationship which is essential for
the community living in the desert.
Numbers was the life in the wilderness to prepare to go into promised land.
Deuteronomy was commandments of God that people must keep and
morals to maintain community life.
Other commandments were to teach people about the principle of
how they should live.
It was recorded human history that God is with us.
But that was not the record of Yahweh himself.
Therefore there were gaps between the inspiration and the actual record.
It is true that Genesis or Exodus has connotation with prejudice national love of Jews.
I, Moses expressed my opinion.

I hope Moses explanation helped your interpretation.